Pavement Marking Removal in Sanford, FL

Roadway Marking Removal

The staple of what Danton was founded on is to provide stripe removal services for complex traffic shifts on civil construction projects. Using our state-of-the-art removal systems, Danton can remove all different types of pavement markings including Tape, Thermoplastic, Epoxy, and Paint. Our experienced operators are trained to evaluate each job and calibrate the equipment for maximum efficiency. Danton specializes in doing traffic switches on some of the most heavily traveled roads in the Southeast. With removal speeds up to 140 feet/minute, Danton can make short work out of the most complex traffic shifts.

What Road Markings Can Danton Hydroblasting Remove?

  • Tape

  • Thermoplastic

  • Epoxy

  • Paint

Hydroblasting for Pavement Marking Removal

The Benefits of Hydroblasting Pavement Marking Removal

Advantages of Our Hydroblasting Pavement Marking Removal