Roadway Hydroblasting Services

Pavement Marking Removal

The staple of what Danton was founded on is to provide stripe removal services for complex traffic shifts on civil construction projects. Using our state-of-the-art removal systems, Danton can remove all different types of pavement markings including Tape, Thermoplastic, Epoxy, and Paint. Our experienced operators are trained to evaluate each job and calibrate the equipment for maximum efficiency. Danton specializes in doing traffic switches on some of the most heavily traveled roads in the Southeast. With removal speeds up to 140 feet/minute, Danton can make short work out of the most complex traffic shifts.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Having a clean surface is essential to ensure the successful bond of any material to concrete. Our trucks run at speeds of 300 ft/min removing cure compound, silica particles, and dirt from the concrete surface. With recent specification changes, concrete surface preparation has become a large part of our services.

Bridge Deck Cleaning

Using a lower PSI and a maximum width of 24 inches, our trucks make short work of large areas. Dirt, tack, mold, algae, and most other materials can be easily removed, leaving a clean surface behind.

Roadway Hydroblasting Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hydroblasting (Waterblasting)?

Hydroblasting, or waterblasting, is the delicate art of removing a material (paint, rubber, thermoplastic, dirt) from a surface without impacting its structural integrity. The state-of-the-art machines Danton uses have the ability to generate up to 40,000psi of water pressure to quickly separate the substance from the surface it’s bonded to. Our trained professional operators evaluate each removal project and devise a plan to achieve the desired effect the customer is looking for.

Will Hydroblasting Scar My Surface?

The plain and simple truth is that there is no “magic eraser” for removing markings and when done properly, hydroblasting provides the least intrusive method at the fastest speed for removal. No matter what method you choose, there will be some level of scarring on the surface.